About Houston Air Duct Cleaning

Houston Air Duct Cleaning has been in business for more than 10 years. We help in restoring any form of damage your home or property needs.

Our Story

We are a family full of passion and ready to give quality and comfort whenever needed. Houston Air Duct Cleaning offers a variety of services ranging from carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, vent cleaning, dry vent cleaning rug steam cleaning, mold and mildew elimination, water damage restoration and even fire damage restoration.

At Houston Air Duct Cleaning, we emphasize on listening to the needs of our clients and having clean air quality especially indoors, and therefore have all services related to providing this air quality for you. We also have a positive working environment, we care about supporting each other, and about the health of our clients and this helps us stand out as a business.

We have the finest equipment, approachable customer care, and skilled staff and to help provide quality air. Our members of staff are honest and reliable. They go through a thorough screening process and follow a strict and particular way of dressing so that you feel comfortable when they are in your place of residence and offices; whether or not you are present. We focus very well on our clients and the needs of their properties in Houston. Quality and Good Service come first and foremost in our business.

Our Dedication to you

We can clean residential homes, properties, offices and commercial places in Houston; big places or small places, no matter the size, we have you covered. Using materials that are harmful to our health is not allowed. We use only organic solutions that are not harmful to our health and good air, elimination of hazards in your homes and offices, is our priority.

We give a free analysis of quotation when we check and inspect the property for any kind of damage restoration service you may need. If you need the services done on the same day the inspection was done, we can do that too. In addition, nothing is done to your home or in your home if you do not approve of it. We do not leave until the job is completed and you are completely and fully satisfied with our services and the state of your home and offices.

Quality Assurance

The fact about cleaning and maintenance of your home and offices is that no matter how you go about it, it will still get dirty. Cleaning of ducts, cleaning of carpets and so on have to be done. The main idea though is to have a good cleaning service with a reputable company that you can always trust and rely on when you need their services. Especially in an emergency like a water damage situation or a mold situation where these events are unplanned and unforeseen.

In addition, in situations where you know that in some years’ time, these services will be needed again because seasons will come and go and ducts, vents, and carpets need to be cleaned again, it is important to have a company you can trust even if you forget that it is that time of the year. A quick call to ask how soon you can hire their services should not be difficult. The truth is, Houston Air Duct Cleaning is just a short phone call away.

Having dirty vents and ducts and even carpets is dangerous to you and your family. We need to remember that something as little as the air vents and ducts can cause us to have breathing problems and worsens allergies in us and our children. It is also important not to forget to have them checked and cleaned when we have babies and animals as part of our families. Get in touch today and we would be sure to restore the quality of the air in your space.

Our Services

Houston Air Duct Cleaning provides professional air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and more. Our services cover residential and commercial properties throughout the Houston or Texas area.

Air Duct


Is there anything more important than the health of your loved ones and employees?

Dryer Vent


Getting a professional dryer vent cleaning can cut your electric bill and prevent potential fires.



You don't decide to have a carpet & expect it to clean itself, cleaning them is just as important.



We are happy to help you out with any disaster restoration you might need.