Duct Cleaning in Porter, Texas

Air duct Cleaning and Replacement in Porter, TX

Air is one of the most imperative conditions that support life. Breathing clean air is advantageous and informs healthy living. People living next to companies that cause air pollution are susceptible to respiratory diseases e.g. Asthma. Allergies too are common in such areas. This raises the need to have clean air both at home and workplaces always. It’s with good news to the people of Porter TX that Houston Air Duct Cleaning is here. We deal with all air related services in commercial and residential areas for the greater good.

Air duct Cleaning in Porter, TX

One of the services that we offer is air-duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning includes cleaning of heating and cooling air systems e.g. supply and return air ducts. We pay attention to detail while cleaning air ducts. It includes removing and washing of all vent covers, brushing inside the ducts all the way to the air conditioning unit. We also remove fan blowers, clean coils and heating units to ensure the system is integral. We always leave the system good as new to allow you enjoy fresh air free from dust, bacteria and dander. We have technicians in Porter TX and we have already broken ground.


Ductwork refers to the layout that forcefully transports air in and out of a house for circulation. Ductworks can lead to problems like dusty houses, poor air quality, higher cooling and heating bills. It obvious that faulty air ducts can lead to unnecessary costs that marginalize your budget. In the long run, your family or colleagues suffer respiratory diseases and allergies emanating from unrepaired ductworks. Houston Air Duct Cleaning is here to bring services closer to residents of Porter TX. We inspect ductworks thoroughly to get rid of dust and moulds that could affect the air circulation in your house.

Air duct Sealing

Air ducts can be leaky. This leads to escape of hot or cold air through cracks, holes and deteriorating connections. This happens when air is passing through the HVAC (Heating ventilating and air conditioning) units through the ductwork. We, Houston Air Duct Cleaning, have in our possession technological tools to seal these leaks and reduce energy costs. If a duct system isn’t integral, it could lose up to 30% of air moving through it in both heating and cooling. That in a big way drains resources and may also cause air pollution by emission of carbon. In the long run, air in the rooms become stuffy and every room may have uneven air temperature. This means you have no control over the air temperature in all the rooms. For reliable air duct sealing, call us.

24/7 Air duct Services

We treat all faults that come from air ducts as emergencies. This helps us to respond quickly. When air circulation is not up to standard, respiratory diseases are at an arm’s length. For this reason we provide our clients with hotlines. This enables them to call us any time any day of the week. We are dedicated to restoring calm in your house to ensure you enjoy your daily life. Our technical team has the right exposure to deal with air duct cleaning services.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Porter, TX

Statistically speaking, over a hundred million dollars worth of property is destroyed through fire. A substantial fraction of these fires originate from dryer problems in homes and workplaces. Yearly, approximately 20 people die from dryer fires. In ceilings, water builds up in dryer vents which lead to damage. This water builds up slowly from just drops to cups then to gallons. Eventually the vent gives way and damage caused is costly and unnecessary. We clean dryer exhausts characterized by lint and water buildups. Accumulation of these substances reduces the integrity of your air ducts. We are now in Porter TX and we offer these services at a pocket friendly price.

Commercial And Residential Air duct Cleaning in Porter, TX

Air duct sealing has been the bone of contention for our very living. It’s among the reasons why we are still operational and the customer base is swelling.  We supply air duct cleaning both in residential and commercial places. Our costs are pocket friendly and our technicians have just the right exposure to serve you needs. We replace ductworks if repair and maintenance proves futile. Wait no more, visit our offices here in Porter TX or just call us. You are a call away from the best air duct cleaners in this county.

Houston Air Ducts Cleaning satisfies all these conditions and we are equipped with the right professionals as well as equipment to ensure perfect air quality in your commercial property. Our commercial air duct cleaning service is one of a kind as we go above and beyond to ensure your air vents are properly cleaned. Get in touch today to get your HVAC system checked and cleaned professionally.

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