Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Houston, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Houston

The cleaning process of carpets can be challenging, that is, even thinking about it and its process before the actual cleaning is done. This can make you feel there is so much to consider and a lot of work to be done, especially if it is commercial carpet cleaning.

Good research is important and you are in the right place if you are thinking about carpet cleaning, you do not want to mess up your beautiful carpets and you do not want to do too much work.

3 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Choosing the cleaning method and company based just on their equipment: It is true that the equipment is necessary and sometimes the most important part of a carpet cleaning. However, having great equipment and not having the right persons
    or people to operate the machine is useless. Much more damage can be done when a powerful machine is not paired with a skilled and trained machine technician.
  2. Choosing the cleaning method and company based just on their cheap quotation: Most times, cheap quotations are very attractive and let us face it, everyone is trying to save money and saving a little money here and there is sometimes like a trap. Some companies have hidden plans when they put up cheap quotation advertisements. It is good to call first to ask about the exact prices and cleaning method needed before hiring them because sometimes the prices are for the most
    basic of the cleaning processes.
  3. Choosing the cleaning method and company without checking for reviews: Sometimes, most people get lazy to write reviews after receiving an item booked online, or in this case, after receiving a service. The reviews we see online are usually
    people who are very happy or very disappointed with items or services received which is why reading reviews are important.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process/Care:

  1. Good Maintenance Program: Being in a program is the best thing that can happen to carpets. Letting these carpets get dirty and soiled before being cleaned will make the carpets get old faster than expected. Other than having a great program that
    maintains your carpets, technicians should take into consideration the manufacturers specifications of the preferred cleaning methods of the carpet, not forgetting that all carpets can come with different specifications.
  2. Monitor the Carpet Cleaning times: Sometimes cleaning the carpet too much can degrade the life of the carpet. Especially with the use of too much cleaning chemicals. A good program or regimen is better than cleaning it too often with too
    much chemicals every time.
  3. On the Spot Cleaning: This is a good habit to cultivate if you have a carpet at home or in the office. When something spills or dusts off on the carpet, it is better to clean and take care of it immediately. That is, not necessarily the whole carpet, just the spot on which has been soiled. It is better to have spot-on cleaning than waiting for the whole carpet to become completely dirty.

Tips on Carpet Cleaning

  1. Vacuum: Even if a vacuum is a thing even a child knows about, on our to-do list, it is usually ignored and moved low on the list of things to help clean. Rugs and carpets should be vacuumed at least once every week. This is a good practice and helps circulate air between the fibers of the carpet. Even if you never walk into the room with the carpet, it is necessary as it keeps the carpet smelling fresh.
  2. Use Mats: The mats at the entrance of the house are not for decorations only; they go a long way in helping your carpets stay a little bit cleaner compared to when someone comes into the house and the first thing they step on is your beautiful
    carpet. Try to use a mat and ask everyone else to do so too. At least occasionally, dust the sand and dust off the mat too.
  3. Steam Cleaners: Carpets and rugs need shampoo too. Not as often as you use the vacuum, but this is a good cleaning process. No harm in always having a clean carpet. Also, if you cannot afford a steam cleaner, there are many companies in Houston Tx that you can hire for this service.
  4. Quality: Are cleaning and vacuuming not so high up on your to-do list? No problem. As long as when you clean, it is done very thoroughly, quality trumps quantity. 10 days span between every thorough cleaning and vacuuming can and will keep your
    carpets looking new and fresh for a long time.
  5. Invest: Invest in cleaning materials. Good chemicals, if you use that occasionally, a working vacuum, quality carpet soap, and sponges for those immediate spills that happen occasionally. Buying the right material that you and your carpet need saves money. That is, instead of buying a cheap vacuum that goes bad easily, a good expensive one will last longer.
  6. Frequency: Carpets need proper cleaning at least twice in a year. More frequently if you have ‘four-legged’ family or children. More if you have both animals and children. Other than having a nice and fresh-looking carpet, carpets affect the overall health of the individuals in a home or an office. This is why it is important to handle carpet cleaning properly.
  7. It is not a chore: Caring for your carpets can and should just be a way of life. The way you wake up to take a bath, look and feel fresh, that can be the same feeling you get when you clean your carpet and rugs properly. Consider it a necessity and not a chore.

We understand all these can be a tad bit stressful, which is why we at Houston Air Duct Cleaning are here to take the troubles out of your hands. We are professional Houston carpet cleaners and professionals are the way to go when cleaning your carefully chosen carpet.

Investing in carpets and rugs is a decision on its own and so is taking care of them. You do not decide to have a carpet and expect it to clean itself, cleaning them is just as important. If you do not have a carpet or a rug and you are looking to purchase one, go ahead! Get it! It just could be the one thing you need to make your apartment pop.

Be sure not forget about the very necessary things and cleaning methods you need to take care of it. Which of course includes an efficient and working vacuum and a good cleaning programme with a professional carpet cleaning company.

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