Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning in Houston, Texas

Commercial dryer vents cleaning services and commercial air duct cleaning services go hand in hand. Professionals hired for cleaning vent services also offer air duct cleaning services. While dryer vents ducts are not as tedious and technical as the air duct cleaning, they are usually forgotten or regarded as not so important. However, the truth is that both are necessary for a home or office where indoor air quality is important. This of course includes all air spaces.

Dryer vents lead outdoors and blow out hot air in the homes or office and mostly from the clothes dryer during laundry operation. These dryer vents clog up once in a while and this does more harm than good to a property. This occurs by limiting the supply of fresh and clean air from the residents of the home.

Danger from Dryer Vents

Danger 1

In a laundry operation, during the drying process, other than having the clothes dried via removal of water, lint from these clothes are removed too. With time, without cleaning the dryer vent, the lint accumulates. When lint accumulates over time, you have in your home a ticking time bomb. A fire hazard that can be activated at the least expected moment.

Danger 2

One other thing affected by your clogged dryer vents is your energy/electricity bill. This happens because the dryer vents fill up with lint. Therefore, expels more energy to do the work since the vents are now narrow due to the lint. Clogged dryer vents also render our laundry machines less effective and efficient than a clean dryer vent. Sometimes, people are unaware of the reason for its ineffectiveness and may render the machine broken.

Signs you Need to Clean your Dryer Vent

  1. When you have had your machine for a while and observe a delay in drying time. Also when the machine isn't as efficient anymore or something is different about the machine.
  2. After drying clothes, they feel hot to touch.
  3. The room feels hotter than usual after a cycle or drying laundry process is done. The air in the room might also have a very musty smell.

It is possible that when the lint trap in the machine may have more lint than normal, the machine needs to be checked.

Why You Need Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Avoid Wasting Money

Asking the professionals to inspect the machines before throwing it away is one way to find out that your dryer vent actually just needs cleaning. When the laundry machine professionals find this problem out, the next thing would be to call professionals who specialize in the cleaning of the dryer vents.

Having a good record of how often the professionals come to clean the dryer vents help you not to forget that the dryer vents really do need cleaning.

Danger of Self Care

Thinking you can take care of the dryer vents yourself because you may have seen it done once in a while can damage the vents, which means unnecessary expenses. You can easily avoid these expenses.

There is no fire hazard at the home anymore because the professionals clean these dryer vents thoroughly making it lint free.

Clothes dry faster, clothes dry cleaner. The machines lifespan is prolonged and the dryer vents last longer too.

Fewer energy bills. More money saved.

Safety Factors to Consider with Dry Vents

When you don't clean your dryer vents, it becomes a fire hazard. It also makes the machine less effective. These are important factors to help increase the life of the machine.

  • Clean your dryer vents should at least every two to three years.
  • Dryer vents come in different sizes. The longer a dryer vent is, the more times it needs to be clean. Sometimes they are at the basement of a building and other times, if they are positioned with gas vents in living areas, they can produce bag gas, carbon monoxide which is unhealthy for any building whatsoever.
  • Dryer vents that are small or old are less efficient. They build up lint faster too.
  • Keep the dryer vents straight as opposed to bending them. When the dryer vents are straight, they require less cleaning because the mold build-up is slower than when the vents are bent.
  • Do not leave the dryer on when vacating the premise.
  • Every machine comes with a lint filter. Before loading new set of clothes into the machine, make sure the lint filter is clean.
  • The vent should not link up to join other vents. The dryer should not vent out into an attic or a chimney, or any place inside a home instead it should vent outside. This is to avoid bad air from being in the homes.
  • Make use of correct materials when installing dryer vents. If the vents need some type of securing due to one reason or the other, make use of metal tapes; never screws.
In conclusion

After all is said and done, whenever in doubt or once it’s time for your periodic maintenance or air duct repair, be sure to call on Air Duct Cleaning Houston for your commercial vent cleaning services in Houston. You can also get useful information from the manufacturers through a manual.

Therefore, an helpful tip is to read the manual for the exact needs and requirement of your dryer vent.

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