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Residential Air Duct Cleaning - Houston TX

How can you tell if your air ducts need cleaning? How much would it cost to clean your ducts? These are questions that come to mind occasionally when the urge to do a very thorough cleaning to our homes/residents.

The cost of cleaning depends mainly on:

  • The professionals/company hired.
  • The dirtiness of the duct and of course how many ducts.
  • The size of the resident/space/property.

When do I need to Clean my Air Vents?

Are your air ducts dirty and is it time to clean them?

Some companies advise that you clean your air ducts on a regular basis but most of the time, this is not necessary. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), advice that air ducts are to be cleaned immediately any of the below are noticed.

  • When there are noticeable debris and dust particles.
  • Or when there are dust and debris particles coming out of the vents.
  • When there are obvious molds growing in any part of the system and in the vents.
  • When there are vermin such as rodents and insects.

It is best to follow the EPA as dirtier air ducts affect the costs of the energy used. What this means is that dirty air ducts expend more energy. In addition, after ducts are being cleaned, the desired cooling temperature required in the residents is achieved quickly.

How Much for Air Duct Cleaning Cost

How much would it cost to have your ducts clean?

There are some related factors to this question.

  • The professionals/company hired

    The company you hire determines a lot of how much you will pay. If you choose a cheap company, it is possible the job goes wrong. This can be because they probably do not have trained staff, good equipment and could damage the vents when cleaning. Therefore, money for repair of the vents can cause additional unexpected expenses. Choosing a company with good skilled staff and efficient, quality equipment usually means a higher charge for their services.


  • The dirtiness of the duct and if mold is present

    Just as everything that is dirtier takes a longer time to clean, the same goes for air ducts and vents. Other than dirt that is present and needs to be cleaned, mold is something else that needs to be ridden of. However, only a mold specialist can confirm if molds are present in the vents and then remove it. Be careful of technicians that claim that you have molds. They probably just say so to increase the cost of their service. Hiring two different contractors to clean and then the other to remove mold costs money. In addition, hiring a contractor who can take care of both the dirt and the mold is an additional cost as well. If you hire a professional in charge of molds, the type of material your vents or ducts are made of, can make the price of cleaning vary if mold truly is present. Ductwork can be either rigid or flexible and the rigid ductwork, which is galvanized steel, are more expensive than the flexible ductwork which is when plastic, vinyl, or foil protects the metal wire.


  • The size of the resident/space/property and the number of supply vents present

    Everything has a price. Big houses are more expensive to have air vents cleaned than smaller houses. The reason is, of course, bigger houses have more ductwork than smaller houses and therefore will require more time and more patience to clean. Each supply vent may or may not have an additional price. Ask for the price of one supply vent and if possible, bargain for a bulk price for all the vents if your house is big.

Cleaning your air duct is important. Having the right persons to clean is more important. Investing in clean ducts is investing in good air and therefore good health for you and your family.

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